GP_neighbourhoods2Milagro Verde at
Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar

Explore an eco-community providing green living without sacrificing luxury

Many of us are ready to embrace a lifestyle built around sustainable practices, and Milagro Verde reflects that willingness with an innovative eco-friendly approach new to Nicaragua. This carefully planned neighborhood of single-family homes demonstrates that “green” is a realistic, achievable and affordable concept that delivers efficiency without compromising quality of life.

“We’re including a variety of green products and techniques at Milago Verde, and actively evaluating new technologies and approaches,” says Patrick Hiebert, one of the resort’s owners who is focusing on the eco-community at Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar “In addition to feeling good about living in a low-impact home, you also will enjoy the financial benefits of generating your own power and using substantially less water each month.”

While the custom-designed homes reflect the traditional Spanish Colonial look and feel, the materials—mostly local—and construction solutions are based on accepted sustainable practices. For example, water is heated using passive solar panels, while gray water is reused for toilets and irrigation. Consideration is being given to seeking LEED certification for Milagro Verde and its homes, which provides objective, third-party validation of sustainable practices.

Every aspect of home and site design are considered. Homes are situated to take full advantage of exposures, roof angles are created for maximum solar power generation, and ventilation is designed to maximize the flow of cooling ocean breezes through the open floor plans. The home sites and homes themselves are “right-sized,” a proven concept that urges our residents to consider using efficiency in design rather than sheer size to accomplish their needs. This includes maximizing use of outdoor living spaces, which is essential when building in an ideal climate such as the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The result is a very luxurious and efficient living space that costs much less to build and maintain, and can be expected to retain a higher than average resale value.

Milagro Verde promises to break new ground and offer a compelling lifestyle for individuals seeking a more earth-friendly, sustainable approach with a lower cost of living.

Homesite prices start at $53,300 USD

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